Entrepreneur & “Intrapreneur”

The Entrepreneurs of this world are hungry. They are always looking for ways to better themselves and their companies. Public speaking is a vital skill for these determined individuals looking to make waves in their business. Every business interaction is like a job interview, and successful entrepreneurs understand this.

At DEPTH, we realize the importance of getting out there and networking. Not everyone is looking to make keynote presentations, and we accept that. Many entrepreneurs are simply looking to gain more sales or find opportunities for their business through speaking.  DEPTH is here to help you achieve those goals.

Entrepreneurs that sign on to DEPTH will gain access to multiple training courses to help them speak eloquently, draw out empathy from their audiences, learn best practices for closing sales along with many other vital skills.

Business & Self Promotion Through Speaking

Many times, the hardest part of success is just starting out. Especially in the world of public speaking, it is very difficult for a speaker to determine how much they are worth. They are afraid if they ask too high, they will be turned down and find themselves back at square one. This is why many speakers short sell themselves, and struggle to make money on their speaking engagements.

At DEPTH, we are here to be your speaking advocates. We ensure that we never sell you short, and as your skill increases we will gradually increase how much you are able to garner per speech. Nobody starts out as a keynote presenter, yet with enough practice and coaching, DEPTH will make sure you reach these goals.

Keynotes Wanting To Grow Their Influence

Keynote presentations are some of the most stressful public engagements. They require countless hours of preparation, as one mistake could lose an audience of hundreds or even thousands and destroy the whole speech. Everything needs to be spot on, from visual aids to powerful narratives.

At DEPTH, we understand all the key components to making a great keynote presentation. We even host intensive trainings specifically targeting how to excel at delivering these crucial speeches.  One great keynote presentation can change your life, so let’s talk about how we can help you propel to the highest level of public speaking

Subject Matter Experts

Utilizing the power of our In-DEPTH experience, DEPTH is able to deploy speakers into companies where they are able to share their expertise. DEPTH is always trying to stay on the cutting edge of the times, so we are always looking out for new subject matter experts. These experts will be hand picked by the DEPTH founders and supplied with all the tools they need to excel in their consultations. Some of the most requested subjects we receive are in innovation, sustainability, company culture, as well as productivity.

Interested?  Let’s start a discussion about your speaking journey.

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