There are so many variables one must consider when going through the process of vetting their own speakers. So why deal with all that pressure when you don’t have to? Speakers’ bureaus exist to help make this process easier!

Reasons for Partnership

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider partnering with a speakers’ bureau:

  1. They provide expertise. They have the best resources, negotiating skills, and ability to find the most qualified Keynotes or Subject Matter Experts for your event.
  1. They make booking a painless process. Partnering with a speakers’ bureau will give you an inside look at speakers as well as fees. Their sole goal is to book the best fit for your event and audience.
  1. They assist with event planning. They help with every part of the planning process like coordinating event/ speaker logistics, drawing up contracts, and they greatly mitigate risk by managing the speakers which is a huge stress reducer!DEPTH microphone
  1. They schedule pre-event phone calls. About a month before the event the bureau will facilitate a phone call between host and speaker to discuss the event and communicate the themes etc.
  1. They save you time. The event planning process can be so busy you rarely have a second to spare, so any opportunity to cut down on time expenditure should be seized. Searching and negotiating with speakers can burn hours, but when you hire a speakers’ bureau, they will do all that work for you.

Don’t make event planning more difficult than it needs to be! If you need help finding speakers for your event please visit our website, we would love to work alongside you to secure the best Keynote or Subject Matter Expert for your audience!

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