Whether you aspire to be a professional speaker, a workshop presenter to grow your business or you are an “intrapreneur” looking to advance your speaking skills to stay relevant, DEPTH is the place for you. With our advanced speaker and workshop training programs, we are a non-judgemental speaker development firm. With an understanding of your goals in advancing your speaking skills, we deliver actionable and timely resources to leverage your strengths to develop your speaking style. All our workshops are held in person, are highly engaging and allow you to freely express the speaker personality strengths you exemplify.


DEPTH is not your run of the mill speakers bureau. No, we are a passionate team of speaker advocates. The old days of placing up a quick bio page and praying that speaking opportunities find you is not in our value system. We are proactive agents with your best interest in mind. Yes, we are amazing at negotiating contracts for you, we assist you in developing your speaker skills through our years of speaker training knowledge, we provide top-notch professional resources to expand your personal brand, we gather detailed audience feedback; but, where we really shine is ensuring that each speaking engagement elevates you to a new level.


You wouldn’t go into surgery without having an MRI, CT scan or physical check up would you? Why do businesses hire consultants without understanding the business’s true needs? Why does a one-size fits all consultant need to be your only option. Utilizing 20 years of data science, DEPTH is leading the charge in revolutionizing how businesses elevate to the next level. In a nut shell, we utilize your internal non-debatable data and deliver a custom tailored IN-DEPTH workshop experience that is second to none to drive amazing results inside your business – imagine a personalized TedX event on steroids.

Life is about stories and you are a storyteller; the one making waves with your journey. Each story leads you closer to your legacy. At DEPTH we pride ourselves on taking storytellers like you and transforming them into world changing Speakers and Presenters. We develop those with a purpose to transform the world around them. This is your journey let’s talk about it.

Ready to become the change leader in your organization?

We get it – leading without information is tough. That is why we created the IN-DEPTH Experience. With the Human Possibilities GPS at our side, we allow leaders of companies to gain insights and knowledge into their businesses that would normally not be readily available and actionable. With this data in hand we can celebrate the positive alignments in your business and we can start conversation on what functions inside your business need alignment. After the GPS analysis we tailor a customized speaking engagement or workshop for your organization based on the GPS findings. It gets even more exciting, we can continue the engagement to ensure the correct alignments inside your organization take place through our industry expert consultants and coaches or we can train your internal team to develop a robust and measurable strategy for lasting organizational change. It is truly amazing what we can measure. Culture – check, Empathy – check, Efficiency – check, Innovation – check, Sustainability – check. We can measure numerous business alignment metrics that all add up to elevated culture, productivity, efficiency and ultimately – an immense increase in profitability.


Is your organization ready to be a trailblazer or a world changer?

Ready to take your business or organization to a new level? Let DEPTH show you the power of the IN-DEPTH Experience. Through the Humanizing Possibilities GPS you will learn invaluable insights into your business or organization. Let’s take you on a complimentary test run!

Business Leaders, Influencers, Coaches, Consultants…You.

You’ve blazed a path where few people dare to go – public speaking. You’re a forward thinker and it’s time to take the next step. Your story can change the world and together with DEPTH we can make that happen.

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