Engaging with people – individually or by the hundreds – is Tracy’s energy source.  She brings her love of travel, life-long learning, and diversity of thought to life through her stories.  Focused on the theme of personal development in business and life, she weaves her global experiences with Procter & Gamble in with her adventures as a newer entrepreneur to share insights on what’s possible, attracting success, and having fun.  Tracy’s quest for connection is contagious no matter the audience!


Leadership, just like the fabric of our workforce, has changed over time. Previous definitions of what it takes to be a leader no longer hold true, and it is a continually evolving model. The landscape of business has changed, and in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment, leaders will need to build fiercely loyal teams from many different generations in the workforce. DEPTH speakers will share the principles of leading, organizational sensing, and the courage and conviction needed to take risks.


The way we buy has drastically changed, which means the way we sell must too. Everyone is a salesperson, whether they are representing products, services or ideas. Understanding why a buyer is interested in your product or service, and why they’d be interested in buying it from you, is what makes a successful salesperson in today’s economy. Selling is more about active listening and adjusting your offer to match the needs, then it is about having a persuasive presentation. DEPTH speakers are masters of the communication techniques that drive selling.


We get one serving of all life has to offer. With so many choices and various paths to explore, we have to live with what we take and importantly, what we leave behind. DEPTH speakers bring this concept to life across categories like Ethics, Goals, Competition, Service, Family and the results of those deliberate choices.


“If you continuously compete others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.” This inspirational quote from an anonymous source exemplifies the importance of self-improvement. Speakers at DEPTH understand that constant refinement is a difficult process. Through their own life experiences, they will give audiences the tools they need to make the old version of themselves jealous.


Fees vary based on event location, dates and other factors. We will be in touch with you for more details.

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