Peter “Gold” Ezugwu was born to lead. He is an innovative pioneer dedicated in his relentless drive to teach those around him how to empower themselves to exceed their goals and dreams. A former professional athlete, Peter is more than his achievements on the court.

After more than a decade as a professional basketball player, Peter began a new journey as an entrepreneur. In the seven   years since entering the business world, Peter has established himself as a successful executive, establishing and leading multiple companies in the education, technology and real estate space. One of his first start-ups was Future Stars, which he took from launch to sale. Today, he continues to oversee the company’s success as the CEO.

At PowerVision, Peter is focused on public speaking, empowerment, leadership and coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs on how to chart their vision. He draws upon the many lessons he has learned during his transition from professional athlete to successful entrepreneur and executive, all while continuing to grow and develop himself as a leader and business person. He spends much of his time focused on taking clients through intensive PowerSessions, inspiring audiences with his motivational and dynamic keynote presentations, and driving results for his clients with his Mastermind groups.

Recently, Peter expanded his the reach of his brand and powerful message with the debut of the The Gold Standard Show. This show is a fast paced, web-based property which takes an  honest look at the top names in sports, entertainment, politics and other relevant community partners. Pushed out in short form across Facebook, Instagram and the The Peter Gold Website, its goal is not only to entertain but to educate and inform. The show debuted during first week of August 2017.

Peter continues to make a significant impact on the global community as a powerful speaker, advocate for youth, and the underserved. Peter has his BS from Eastern Michigan University, and is fluent in five languages.



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