Paul is a mission-driven entrepreneur, tech visionary, and lecturer on entrepreneurship and innovation, technology, strengths psychology, workplace culture, and human potential. Paul has founded 8 companies in his 29-year career in tech and is best known for co-founding Ancestry.com in 1997.

He was the original CEO and he created the content subscription business model and marketing strategies. He served in many executive roles as Ancestry became the leading genealogy company in the world. From 2012-2017, Paul was the Global Strengths Evangelist for Gallup, helping lead a worldwide movement to bring strengths psychology into schools and workplaces.

The StrengthsFinder 2.0 customer base grew from 7 million to 16 million during his time.

Paul taught entrepreneurship and marketing at the university level for 4 years. He serves on
the National Advisory Board for the Utah Valley University School of Business and is the
director of the Human Justice Foundation, which aims to change the emphasis in the criminal justice system from punishment and retribution to compassion and rehabilitation.

Paul has traveled extensively and has spoken around the world about how to unlock potential
in individuals and build positive, strengths-based cultures. Paul Allen has given hundreds of informative and inspiring lectures, keynote speeches, and workshops around the world, in North America, Europe, and Asia. His positive message resonates with and inspires entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, executives in HR & L&D, association leaders, educators and emerging leaders. From Canada to China, Hong Kong to Hawaii, and in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, Paul has spoken to CEOs Global HRDs, entrepreneurs, educators, managers, and

Paul was the keynote speaker for Gallup at the inaugural CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha,
Nebraska in July 2016. In 2017, he was the main stage presenter at the CliftonStrengths Summit, along with keynote speakers Deepak Chopra and best-selling author Tom Rath. As of now Paul is currently still a Gallup Senior Adviser. Prior to this, Paul helped lead the global strengths movement for Gallup in Washington, DC. Since 1999, nearly 17 million people have used this powerful tool to discover how to use their natural talents at work and in life.

Paul’s products have been used by millions and have generated billions of dollars in revenue. He continues to
stay on the forefront of technology and is working with top engineers and companies to build products that
help people live more fulfilling lives. “The future is already here–it’s not just very evenly distributed.” Paul knows innovation can be sparked with a strengths-based approach.  The power of this approach is evident in his own entrepreneurial endeavors. Through harnessing his own strengths and the strengths of his team, Paul has founded and inspired companies that continue to have lasting impact. 

Paul is a vocal advocate for investing in people. Every person everywhere deserves a chance to soar with their
strengths. Leaders in government, business, education, non-profits and the faith community can choose to
invest in every person. Corporations can begin to value people above profits and GDP growth. We face a technologically advanced future that threatens to replace human jobs with robots and AI. Paul hopes to inspire leaders with new tools and ideas to move forward towards a more inclusive economic system.



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