Brian’s passion is unlocking the untapped potential of people and organizations. He is rare in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial settings, bringing unconventional thinking and thriving in challenging environments. He has a keen sense of how to directly affect top line growth and profitability through his skills gained over 30 years as a successful executive, entrepreneur and public servant. His creativity, foresight and holistic perspectives allow him to leverage relevant insights to drive sustainable innovation and accelerate growth. Brian successfully cofounded, built and eventually sold PTIS, the world’s leading packaging and management consultancy; in 2017, PTIS returned as an independent. Wagner strives for significance; following a sabbatical in 2016, Brian set out to explore and advance new meaningful opportunities. As cofounder and Board Member of 501c3 the ARK Angel Network, he brings these skills and passion to the nonprofit sector, focusing on youth education. He provides coaching, mentoring and leadership training through Volta Coach and proudly for US Veterans through American Corporate Partners. Brian understands that ideas require execution, and surrounds himself with amazing talent, making him a sought-out asset for leading global brands, private equity firms, manufacturers, educational institutions and nonprofits. Additionally, Brian serves on the advisory boards of APEX Academy, and Care-Inc (For Our City).


Leadership, just like the fabric of our workforce, has changed over time. Previous definitions of what it takes to be a leader no longer hold true, and it is a continually evolving model. The landscape of business has changed, and in order to thrive in today’s competitive environment, leaders will need to build fiercely loyal teams from many different generations in the workforce. DEPTH speakers will share the principles of leading, organizational sensing, and the courage and conviction needed to take risks.


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself”. This wise quote from George Bernard Shaw illustrates the relationship between being innovative and simply “going with the flow”. Innovation is about adding something new and noteworthy that creates value from the perspective of the customer. It is synonymous with taking a risk, as often times innovation can lead to the creation of new and untapped markets. DEPTH speakers that present on innovation understand what it takes for a business to stand out, and help audiences discover ways they can innovate in their own careers.


We are destroying our planet, there is no way around the fact. It is projected that by the year 2050, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight. Humans are consuming too many of Earth’s resources too quickly, making the topic of sustainability more relevant today than it has ever been before. DEPTH presenters will help us understand how we can make decisions today to live more sustainably tomorrow, as well as recognizing the anticipated and unanticipated implications for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.


“If you continuously compete others, you become bitter, but if you continuously compete with yourself you become better.” This inspirational quote from an anonymous source exemplifies the importance of self-improvement. Speakers at DEPTH understand that constant refinement is a difficult process. Through their own life experiences, they will give audiences the tools they need to make the old version of themselves jealous.  


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